Selwyn United Football Club junior grade players are on the ball when it comes to skill

Selwyn Football grading day

by Mike Isle

The turnout for Selwyn Football Club’s grading day surprised even the club. The early season ‘meet and greet’ last Sunday attracted more than 300 aspiring players to the club’s home ground Foster Park.

Club community development officer Abi McCullagh said it was an outstanding turnout, and the club is thrilled.

“The day itself ‘treated’ us to temperatures up to 30 degrees, which was lovely for the spectators, not so much for the players! However, we had hundreds of players turn up ranging from 10th grade to 19th grade!

“We kicked things off at 8am with a number of our valuable coaches and volunteers arriving early to set up. The 10th-grade players kicked off the grading, and I can truly say that there was some unbelievable talent on show.

“With selectors wandering around with clipboards in hand, looking for the next ‘Messi’, you could see parents anxiously waiting on the sideline watching their children proudly.”

Abi McCullagh said that as the day progressed, Foster Park saw more and more players, doing their best in the relentless heat.

“Every player got an equal opportunity to show what they’re all about on the football pitch. All in all, Sunday was another success, and now we wait for teams to be named, coaches to be confirmed, and preseason training to properly commence.”

Abi McCullagh says the club is happy to cater to all players, whether it is to play just socially or competitively.

“We are always looking to welcome new players to our club, and new coaches; no matter your background or experience.”

It is not too late to get involved with Selwyn United. Registrations are still open. Check out Selwyn United Football Club Facebook page or website for more information.