The class of 2019: Clearview’s new entrants. Back row: Sienna Cosgrove, Evelyn Burchall, Mackenzie Webb, Jacob McDonald, Luka Barreto-van Schreven, Tessa Holland. Front row: Max Krause, Lily Brussee, Olivia Vassilieva, Maddison Mackie, Ashley Wu

Excitement for new entrants

by Mike Isle

The excitement of going to a ‘big school’ for the first time is evident in the faces of this year’s Clearview Primary Year One entrants.

Across the district, that excitement has been building for all new entrants, and for many, it was a case of can’t wait for the holidays to end and the new school year at a new school to begin.

At Clearview, Discover team leader Susan Tansey, who has special responsibility for new entrants, said the children have all settled into [the school] well, despite the hot days.

“They have enjoyed getting to know each other, playing outside in our forest area as part of our play-based programme. They have also made a great start at learning to read and writing about their experiences.”

For the children themselves, those experiences varied. Luka liked playing with the trains; Tessa enjoyed playing and learning letters and numbers; for Mackenzie, it was her reading homework and for Ashley, possibly a future Record reporter, it was writing stories.

Common to all was the excitement of the start of a new school year in their new school.