Laura training on Mt Oxford in preparation for an ultra-marathon

Introducing Laura Shaw

by Mike Isle

Laura Shaw is amazing. Late last year she became president of West Melton Young Farmers. She says she is rapt with the honour — but there is a lot more to this young lady, as we are about to find out — this is Laura Shaw in her own words.

I was bought up in Amberly on a sheep and beef farm, which my family leased. They then switched to Dairy farming and moved to Te Pirita when I was about 12 where I went to Darfield High School.

I left school at the age of 16 after picking up an internship as an accountant with KPMG. I fell in love with accounting and worked my way up the corporate ladder to become a senior accountant specialising in agriculture until I moved to London in 2017 to work as a finance manager. Missing the rural life, I returned to New Zealand and soon joined West Melton Young Farmers.

There I met some of my now, best friends through Young Farmers and I enjoy using my professional networks to help build and develop the members understanding of the financial and business side of agriculture.

My family are still heavily involved in agriculture, my mother Natasha King has been my mentor through most of my career.

My grandfather was the famous left-handed shearer and former National MP Colin King who was also a major role model for me. He taught me a lot of what I know about the meat and wool industry.

I’m hoping in future (five years or so) to develop and reach my goal of becoming a director of an agricultural accounting firm and helping farmers face to face, and dream of owning my own sheep and beef farm one day.

I love farming and couldn’t think of life without the agriculture industry.

West Melton Young Farmers meet at The Rock in Rolleston, 7.30pm, on the second Monday of every month. New members are welcome.