Getting into the swim of things

Aqua HITT a hit

by Mike Isle

The Selwyn’s District Council’s popular Aqua HITT programme at the Selwyn Aquatic Centre in Rolleston continues to grow, and the council is expanding the programme to cope.

Council community relations manager Denis Kidd said the number of participants per month has risen from 358 in July last year to our record of more than 500 in January 2019.

“This number continues to grow, and we are expecting attendee figures to further increase throughout the year. We put this down to increasing the number of classes, responding to participant feedback, a bigger range of class intensities, catering for more people and better promotion.

“In May 2018 there was a demand for our Aquafit programme to grow and expand. We undertook a timetable restructure and rebranding, as well as nearly doubling the number of total classes from 7 to 12 per week — adding in extra classes both during the day and in the evening.

“We also introduced two new intensities: Hydro Health (low intensity, rehab and recovery focussed class) and Aqua HITT (high-intensity interval training). Our team comprises four permanent staff with one to six classes each and two casual staff. It is the enthusiasm, friendliness and motivation of the instructors that keep our participants coming back week after week,” Kidd said.

“The purpose of our programme is to provide the community with a low impact exercise option that allows residents to keep active and healthy in a social environment. The Aquafit programme we provide is a key part of delivering ‘exceptional water experiences for everyone’ which is the Selwyn Aquatic Centre’s mission. The Aquafit programme is definitely achieving its purpose, but we are confident that we can further continue to grow and expand, providing more classes for more people.”

The Aqua Centre will host a special event, Aqua-thon for Charity, on February 21 from 7pm–8.30pm. It involves a $5 donation to Arthritis NZ and gives participants a taste of each class the centre has to offer.

Details are on the council website.