Unfinished Masefield Drive footpath remains a contentious issue

Council moves on Masefield Drive

by Anonymous Author

The Selwyn District Council will complete the unfinished footpath outside The Warehouse on Mayfield Drive, despite still being in discussion with Rolleston Square developers about who is going to pick up the final tab.

A council spokesperson said the council’s roading contractor HEB Construction would begin work shortly and was expected to have it finished by the end of February.

Road widening, new kerbing and a footpath will be installed along the north side of Masefield Drive, connecting from the recently completed traffic signal works at Rolleston Drive through to Dryden Avenue.

A new section of footpath will also be installed on McCaulay Street to improve safe pedestrian access to the shopping centre.

“The work will address concerns expressed about this area of road alongside the new shopping centre,” the council’s chief executive David Ward said.

Paying for the footpath has been a contentious issue for the council in its negotiations with Rolleston Square Limited. The latter is believed to feel the council is responsible for completing the footpath. The council for its part on the path seems to have lost patience and has agreed to foot the $93,000 bill and then negotiate to split the costs with Rolleston Square Limited.

Rolleston Residents’ Association chairwoman, Leonie MacLauchlan, said she is happy the footpath is being repaired.

“I’m pleased that the council is making it safe and also tidy for the neighbourhood,” she said.