Massey Ferguson S range comes from a humble rural lineage

S for superlative strength

by Andy Bryenton

It’s tough, finished in red, has a big ‘S’ on the front, comes from a humble rural lineage but offers superhuman strength and power to save the day. No, it’s not the world’s most recognisable superhero — it’s the latest offering from farming icon Massey Ferguson.

With a bold new ‘S’ series of performance tractors rolling out across the world, the name that’s synonymous with tractors — even to non-farmers — have played their cards conservatively in regards to style.

But under the skin there’s a world of difference between the French-built S range and those which have come before.

A focus on operator comfort and ease of use has seen changes to how the machines are operated, and research and development in the engineering department has delivered a potent range of engines which combine the trifecta of lower emissions, better fuel economy and more power.

Take for example the ‘middleweight boxer’ of the S range. The MF6700S delivers a smooth and willing 175hp from a four-cylinder unit under the hood, making it the most powerful inline four in the tractor world.

If this was a road going car, it would be fitted with M-Power or AMG badges. As it is, that power is directed not to outright speed, but to reliable torque via a selection of gearing solutions, all of which are mated to simplified and streamlined controls.

That’s not the only comparison with the world of motoring. Power is nothing without control, and so the MF6700S also delivers extreme agility, with the smallest turning circle in its class and both a compact frame and light weight. On the farm, this means less soil compaction in transit and on the job. It also means the ability to navigate in tight spaces, barnyards and sheds to fulfil a multi-application role.

Certainly, with its power rivaling that of a bulkier six-cylinder tractor, and the option to fit a handy loader on the front or a whole range of implements aft, this is a versatile option for mixed farms, those who combine dairy with cropping, or demanding contracting applications. Massey Ferguson has never been a company to rest on past glories, instead pressing forward with new developments, some of which have famously changed the game in the past. With their S series — not just the MF6700S, but an entire range through to 370hp — they continue to innovate for the future.