Barry Smith’s Canterbury prints are among the featured works at Selwyn Gallery’s first exhibition in 2019

Earth & Sky theme for exhibition

by Mike Isle

A retired scientist is among the featured artists as Darfield’s Selwyn Gallery kicks off its 2019 programme with an Earth and Sky exhibition bringing together familiar landscapes, patterns and forms in a range of media, with moody tones and vibrant pops of colour.

Barry Smith is a retired scientist with a love of literature, art and the outdoors. Barry’s recent work includes reduction woodcuts, intaglio techniques and solar prints depicting backcountry locations in Canterbury, where he travelled in his formative years in the 1950s, and elsewhere in New Zealand.

He has exhibited twice before at the Selwyn Gallery and with Waikato Art Society. His poems and vignettes have been published and anthologised in journals and books within New Zealand and internationally.

The work of another featured artist, Heather Jonson, suggests in a light-hearted way some possible answers to the question of who created our planet and what a planet might look like if we created our own.

Heather is influenced by a range of genres from expressionism to traditional and contemporary Maori art and craft and is a current finalist in the 2019 Zonta Award in Ashburton.

Another exhibitor Roger Chaplin first became interested in pottery while studying fine arts at Ilam University. His obsession with clay led him to set up a home-based workshop and build a kiln to continue his practice on leaving university.

An accomplished potter, Roger has produced stoneware, porcelain, salt glazed and low-fired-wares throughout his career. His recent works are in his signature form, fired in sawdust creating mystical nebula and galaxy-like effects.

The Earth & Sky exhibition opens at the Selwyn Gallery, 17 South Terrace Darfield, 6pm Friday, February 1 and runs until the end of the month.