Last year’s panel discussion in progress

Meat — and the future

by Mike Isle

The topic of Peak Meat — a game changer for food production, the environment and health? is to be the subject of a public panel discussion at Lincoln University.

“This is an issue of importance to the world. Intensive production of meat and milk is a major source of greenhouse gasses, water pollution and soil degradation,” says the Lincoln Envirotown Trust’s Dr Sue Jarvis

“Many people are turning to a vegetarian or vegan diet. However, food production is vital to New Zealand’s economy and to ensure the world has enough to eat.

“How will changes in demand, modern technology and an awareness of ethical, environmental and health issues affect our agricultural production? Is artificial meat going to take off? Should we be planning for this? How will it affect our farmers?”

Well-known broadcaster Kim Hill and panellists for the Hot Topic 2019 of Peak Meat will be held on Thursday, March 28 at Lincoln University. “Kim will chair a stimulating discussion with panellists Ronan Phelan, Nick Pyke, Jocelyn Eason and Kevin Marshall,” said Dr Jarvis.

The audience will be invited to submit questions to the panellists at the end of the panel discussion.

The 2019 Kim Hill Hot Topic will be the ninth coordinated by Lincoln Envirotown. Each year Kim chairs a panel discussion on a subject of national and global environmental significance.

Venue: Stewart building, Lincoln University. Doors open 6.30pm with refreshments provided and the event starts 7.30pm — $5 koha. For more information and to register your interest in attending go to