Hub here to help

by Mike Isle

A welfare hub set up by the Templeton RSA in Rolleston to help service personnel and their families is struggling to get people to use its service, and the RSA itself is struggling to know why.

Templeton RSA support services welfare officer, David Sands, said the free service had virtually no visitors since it was established just under a year ago, and that he finds deeply concerning.

“I personally am concerned about post-traumatic stress injury that is and has been experienced by some of our younger service men and women,” he said.

“We are able to mentor families into the various government agencies for assistance.”

Mr Sands said he is even more surprised that the service is not more widely used, because it is free, entirely confidential and modelled on a similar and successful hub established just outside Burnham Military Camp two years ago. He doesn’t believe distance from the camp to be a factor or a hindrance, because many defence personnel, current and retired, live in Rolleston.

He is encouraging people who have served, past and present, to visit Rolleston hub for any welfare-related problems, mentoring or help with government department applications.

He said the hub, which is located at 95 Rolleston Drive, is open 4pm to 7pm, but can be open on other days and times if needed.

For further information about the Rolleston hub, contact David Sands on 021 201 7747 or contact the Templeton RSA on 03 349 4701.