Deb Wright General Manager

Welcome to the first Record for 2019

by Anonymous Author

With the holidays still in full swing for many people, we take this opportunity to have a quick look back at a selection of stories from last year highlighting important occasions and news events worth remembering.

“Thank you to our readers and advertisers for your support throughout 2018 — we hope the relationships we have built will continue throughout the next year and beyond,” says Managing Editor, Deb Wright, for the publisher, Integrity Community Media.

“To everyone else, we trust you have had, or are still having, a delightful and safe holiday break with friends and family, and enjoying all that Rolleston and Canterbury has to offer.

“From the mountains to the sea there are myriad opportunities for adventure and enjoyment and as new communities have gathered in the wake of disaster, a future full of confidence is here for all to share.

“A springboard to life ahead can be found in new and excellent schools, job and business opportunities abound, and we wish you all the best for a prosperous 2019.”

These sentiments are loudly echoed by Record writers, Mike Isle and Ann van Engelen, and our sales staff of Megan Plunkett, Theresa Murray and Leanne Anania, led by John Pickworth

“I’d like to wish our advertisers an extra special 2019, and I look forward to working alongside the characterful innovative and always interesting entrepreneurs for a progressive and profitable 2019,” said John.

“I hope this year brings you success in all that you do and I look forward to being in touch soon.

Please remember that throughout the year you are encouraged to send us details of your news and events.”