The new or old option

by Anonymous Author

When it comes to building a new home or renovating an older one looking around to see what is available is one of the first steps in the process.

At times you need to decide whether to renovate the property you live in or sell and buy new. Even an old home can be transformed or restored back to its original glory.

The beauty of visiting showhomes is you can see your options and get ideas of what it is you may need or want. Showhomes have the latest colours, appliances, carpets and ideas.

Visiting a display home means you can see first hand if the design will work for your needs. Narrow your search to homes that are affordable for you, so you are not disappointed. Some houses may show upgrades that add hidden costs so ask if what you see is included in the final price.

If you choose to restore your much-loved home, ensure the contractors you hire are qualified and have experience with things like gib board, the rules around asbestos removal, old electrics and plumbing.

Don’t forget the roof and insulation may need renewing. If reroofing check the quote includes things like gutters, fascias, ridges, chimney cowls and flashings. Ensure contractors can provide a PS3 and workmanship guarantee as well as comply with the E2 compliance codes.

Remember, there are often unexpected extras to allow for and always get a few quotes and look carefully to see what they include.

A remodelled older home can bring as much contentment as a new build.