Hi-vis vests for students

by Anonymous Author

Weedons School pupils will be a lot safer when they bike or walk to school thanks to new safety vests gifted by the Selwyn Business Group, a support network for small and medium-sized businesses.

The idea was suggested by Shona Cottrell, who runs local sewing school Creative Edge Studio and has children at Weedons School. During her school runs, Shona had noticed that many of the children would be walking or biking around high-speed rural roads and often were not that visible to motorists.

“We have a number of children who catch buses to and from school on busy roads, as well as some who cycle along 80 and 100km/h roads,” said school principal Kathy Bell.

“The new shiny vests will make them a lot more visible and will be greatly appreciated by these students and their families.”

Shona presented 25 vests at the school assembly.

“Keeping our kids safe on the roads is a priority, and as a small business owner in Selwyn, it’s great to contribute in this way.”

Ms Bell said the vests would be used to provide a full class set for any activities outside the school grounds.