Council’s water warning

by Anonymous Author

Selwyn District Council is reminding commercial water users about restrictions on extracting water from fire hydrants. 

The council does not provide a permit system for contractors to extract water from fire hydrants on the public potable (drinking water) network and contractors must not connect any equipment to it. 

“The only exception to this is on development subdivision sites where the council permits developers to apply for a single connection point, which has a range of conditions including payment for the use of the water,” says council asset manager, Murray Washington.

“This policy is different to neighbouring authorities but is needed to reduce the level of potential risk. “We take a cautious approach to protecting the health of our residents, and this has to take priority over the convenience of contractors,” he says.

“The council has considered the potential risks of contractor equipment being connected to the public supply, and decided there is potential for the equipment being unsterilised — and this is too great a risk.”

Mr Washington says contamination events have occurred in the past after contractors connected to the public supply to extract water. The council is getting in touch with contractors across the district to make them aware of the policy. 

For further information contact the Water Services Team on 03 347 2800.