A time to give

by Callum McDonald

Summer holidays are upon us, and while that spells relaxation and fun times for most, our emergency services face a busy time of year. The New Zealand Blood Service donor team will be set up at the Rolleston Community Centre on December 20 from 2.30pm to 7pm.

Donors can walk in, or book with a downloadable app, and the service stresses your blood donation is needed and welcome, especially at this time of year.
“If you live outside of Rolleston, the Blood Donation Team visits lots of other suburbs so check their page out for more info,” a spokesman says, adding that “only four per cent of us currently roll up our sleeves and donate.

“We require approx 3,000 donations each and every week to meet hospital needs.

You can get tea, coffee, juice and chocolate biscuits after every donation.”

Much of today’s medical care depends on a steady supply of blood from volunteer donors, and just one donation can help save the lives of up to three people.

One donation can be separated into several components — red blood cells, platelets and plasma — each of which is used to treat different types of patients, for example, accident and burns victims, patients undergoing surgery, adults and children suffering leukaemia, and transplant patients.

The body will replace the fluids of the donated blood in just 24 hours. The red blood cells will be replaced in about six to eight weeks. After three months, a person can choose to donate again.

There are four main blood types A, B, AB and O in the ABO blood group system.

For queries call NZ Blood Service direct on 0800 448 325.