Never a better time for nursing

by Mike Isle

Canterbury tertiary education provider ARA has achieved near-perfect employment rates for its registered nursing graduates in 2018. Of those graduating from the ARA course, 99% found full-time work in the health sector, according to figures released by Nursing Education in the Tertiary Sector.

ARA’s head of Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health, Cathy Andrew, says it has never been a better time to be a nurse, especially in Canterbury. “Conditions are better than ever, and the employment rates show that the jobs are there for our graduates to walk into,” she said.

“Those who are drawn to nursing will find their skills in demand, especially as older nurses are retiring, and opportunities are opening up for newer nurses to specialise clinically or move into wider health management or education careers.”

One of those finding her newly-found skills in demand is Leeston dairy farmer and mother of three Lynette Webber.

Lynette has just landed a job as a ward sister at St George’s Hospital in Christchurch.

For Lynette, it is a third career after stints in the marketing sector and as a personal trainer. Now, juggling the life of a nurse with running a farm and raising three young children she is kept busy.

“But nursing is something I have wanted to do for a long time, and now that I have achieved that goal I am thrilled.”

Lynette Webber said her interest in nursing was probably stimulated by her work as a physical trainer. Moreover, the overriding motivation, she said was a wish to help people.

Lynette completed the dual qualifications of University of Canterbury Master of Health Sciences Professional Practices and ARA Bachelor of Nursing in just two years.

She said studying at ARA was an “intensive experience”, but one she said was enjoyable.

“Everyone was awesome, and there are too many to single out. But I am grateful in particular to my principal tutor Isobel Jamieson.”