Quarry use application

by Anonymous Author

Resource consent applications from Fulton Hogan Limited relating to the proposed Roydon Quarry at Templeton have been received by Environment Canterbury and Selwyn District Council.

The plan is to establish the quarry, approximately 700 metres west of Templeton. The site is approximately 170 hectares in size, and it is proposed to quarry no more than 40 hectares at a time, to a depth of about 10 metres below ground level.

Land use and discharge consents are required from Environment Canterbury, and a land use consent is required from Selwyn District Council. Changes are also required to an existing water permit for the site to allow for the water to be used for aggregate washing, dust suppression and other quarrying purposes.

There will be a joint hearing process for the application to determine if all of the information required has been provided to confirm lodgement and commence processing. An unlimited duration is sought for all land use consents, and a 35-year term is being sought for the discharge consents.

The proposed application can be viewed at ecan.govt.nz.