Kids’ market back

by Anonymous Author

The Rolleston Kids’ Christmas Market is back, giving 8 to 13-year-olds the chance to earn extra money in time for Christmas.

The hugely-popular Selwyn District Council event will this year be held at the Rolleston Community Centre on Saturday, November 28 starting at 10am.

It is the second year the council has hosted the market where kids purchase a stall for just $5 and sell their unwanted treasures to earn extra pocket money. The market is open from 10am until noon.

Organiser, Rolleston Community Centre manager, Martine Hearfield, says that if last year’s market is anything to go by there will be some great bargains to be had. She says the market was based on the highly-successful Lincoln Kids’ Fest.

“I wanted something for Rolleston kids, something kid-centric; a market that is by them and for them.

“This  market provides the opportunity for children to learn about buying and selling, upcycling and getting some pocket money for Christmas and the school holidays.”

Martine Hearfield said that last year there were more than 30 stalls operating.

“We do still have a few stalls left this year, they can be booked through Eventbrite for $5,” she said.

Stallholders must be accompanied by a caregiver, and no food or drinks can be sold. For further information, phone 03 347 2882.