Important to select and install the correct child restraint

Call for Carseat Champions

by Mike Isle

The Selwyn District Council is backing a call for more Carseat Champions who they say actively make a difference to children’s safety.

Carseat Champions is a group of volunteers who help parents and caregivers select and install the correct car seat restraint for children.  Volunteers are given training to be registered New Zealand Transport Agency Child Restraint Technicians and are equipped with the skills to install child restraints from baby capsules through to older children’s booster seats.

Anna Nurse of Leeston, trained as a technician four years ago; she has several reasons for volunteering. “This was something I could fit in around my family and work life. I have taken great pride over the years in being able to help caregivers keep their little ones safe,” she said. “It’s not just putting car seats in — each install is a lesson, and I know that mini-lesson is going to be shared with their friends and bit by bit the ripple effect of what we are doing is changing the culture around car seat safety.” Stephanie Hautler, the council’s road safety coordinator, said that as the community grows with young families, demand for the service is growing to the point where more volunteers are needed to become child restraint technicians.

“Volunteers are involved in monthly car seat clinics as well as being available for one-off checks when personal commitments allow,” she said.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer in Selwyn, contact Stephanie for more information.