Police probe fireworks blaze

by Anonymous Author

Police are investigating an incident involving fireworks in Selwyn last Saturday want to speak to the occupants of two vehicles in the area at the time.

“About 7pm on November 3, a witness reported two vehicles on Newtons Road that appeared to be chasing each other, and shooting fireworks at each other out the windows,” said Senior Constable Chris Caldwell, Rolleston Police.

“The cars involved were a BMW and a Mazda RX8, and both the vehicles were reported as speeding off in the direction of West Melton.

“A fire then broke out in a hedge where the fireworks had hit, and quickly spread, resulting in significant damage to several hedge-rows and gardens, as well as threatening the house on the property. A ride-on lawnmower sitting near one of the hedges was incinerated as a result of the fire. The occupants of the property were evacuated for the night while fire crews dampened down and monitored overnight.”

Sr Constable Caldwell said it was likely the occupants of both vehicles knew each other, and they may not have realised their actions started a fire, as they had fled before it started. However, their actions were extremely dangerous given the high winds at the time.

The BMW is described as silver, with 18-inch mag wheels while the RX8 is a distinctive metallic blue with tinted windows, black wheels, and white writing on an angle on the rear windscreen.

“Police continue to make inquiries to identify these vehicles and want to speak with the occupants or anyone else who has information on the incident.“

Contact Christchurch Police on 03 363 7400.