Council’s rubbish video

by Mike Isle

Where does our rubbish go, what is recyclable and what can we do to ease the pressure on those who look after our solid waste?

Well, the Selwyn District Council has found a way to tell us—or, more accurately, show us. The council and 12 other councils across the country have produced a web series of videos called Wasted New Zealand, highlighting the trouble with trash and where our waste goes. Selwyn District Council Solid Waste Manager Andrew Boyd says often there’s a “feel good” sentiment about recycling, but sometimes our separating needs a little more thought.

“It was great to see this series highlighting some major frustrations of ours, such as bagged recyclables — these are unable to be sorted and are sent to landfill,” he said. Mr Boyd believes there is often confusion around takeaway food and drink containers. “While most containers are made out of plastic or cardboard, they aren’t necessarily recyclable in the kerbside service.

Takeaway coffee cups, for example, should go into the rubbish, and this also applies to compostable or biodegradable coffee cups — these are not currently acceptable in the organics bin either.”

Andrew says tin, plastic and glass containers need to be empty and clean, with the lids off, if the container is to be recycled.

The Wasted New Zealand series is available on the Selwyn District Council website.