Seal extension policy stays

by Mike Isle

The Selwyn District Council has announced that there will be no change to its current policy for seal extension assessments.

The policy came under review after what, council said, were recurring requests by the public for roads to be sealed through Annual and Long Term Plan submissions.

The council currently uses a benefit-cost-ratio (BCR) system to decide whether it is viable and warranted to seal a road.

The review considered whether seal extension could be provided for through a new funding model that enabled landowners to pay for a seal extension under a targeted rate arrangement. After reviewing the proposal, the council has decided to retain the existing BCR-based policy.

It said the policy already provides the mechanism for landowners to fund seal extensions.

Currently, the council’s roading network includes approximately 1,100 kilometres of unsealed low-volume roads — most of which generally carry less than 200 vehicles a day.