Plan ahead for better building

by Andy Bryenton

Those in the know when it comes to building and renovations — and this certainly includes all of the qualified tradespeople in the industry — know that the recipe for a successful project is an intricate cooperation between allied professionals. Synchronised like clockwork, this means that the concrete is poured, the nails are hammered, the pipes and wires unfurl, and the roof goes on in choreographed precision.

However, when it goes wrong, the timelines skip, and some tradies are left waiting for others who are tied up on other jobs. When the market is busy — and that’s the new normal — this can be exacerbated in all directions. After all, it’s no use having the flooring contractors come around before the painting is done, or calling in the electricians to fit lighting on a non-existent ceiling.

There was a time when the proud owner of the prospective new dream property would take it on themselves to arrange all the different aspects of a build themselves. Nevertheless today, it’s sound advice to hire a seasoned project manager — many times, but not always an experienced veteran builder — and let the subcontractors be arranged and organised by the pros.

In an age when guarantees of workmanship are more important than ever, and all the correct paperwork is required to ensure long-lasting peace of mind, this also places responsibility on one key figure to hire the best for each specific task. It makes good sense, as often times a seasoned building professional will have worked with his or her preferred electricians, roofers, plumbers, gasfitters or drain layers before — you will benefit from an existing sense of synergy and a good working relationship without the guesswork.

At the start of the process, it’s easy for the customer to see just how the costs will break down. At the end of the day, after all of the associated trades have turned up at the right time and complete their piece of the puzzle, all of those necessary pieces of paperwork will be together in one folder.

It’s in this way that over-arching building associations like the Master Builders and Certified Builders can offer such comprehensive guarantees, stretching into the double digits in terms of years.