Letitia Lum, Te Kakariki coordinator

Native plants on offer

by Anonymous Author

Native plants promoter, Te Ara Kakariki Canterbury Greenway Trust is accepting applications until November 25 for assistance in planting natives in Canterbury.

“The trust began 12 years ago with a vision to carry out native restoration and create a greenway from the mountains to the sea,” says Te Ara Kakariki coordinator, Letitia Lum.

“Each planting site we help to create becomes a greendot or stepping stone in the greenway. So far there are over 65 native greendots providing a path for native birds and invertebrates to spread out or return to the plains. Ecologist Colin Meurk’s theory on which the trust’s vision is based states that the optimum distance between sites is five kilometres enabling birds to then spread seeds between them.”

Landowners who are looking to commit an area of their property to native restoration are encouraged to apply. It could be on a farm, lifestyle block, business or on community land, such as the Coalgate

Reserve, who have been planting their greendot with Te Ara Kakariki for several years.
Successful applicants can receive a restoration plan put together with an ecologist. This plan includes a plant list specific to the property along with instructions on how to prepare and maintain the site to ensure the best possible survival and growth. There is also a small amount of contestable funding available for plants and plant guards with specific funds being available to the landowners in the Hororata area.

Te Ara Kakariki can also bring a group of volunteers to the site as part of the Canterbury Plantout in spring 2019. This year about 12,000 plants were planted as part of various plantout events hosted by the trust with more than 200 volunteers attending to work towards the Greenway vision.

Applications can be made online at kakariki.org.nz or email Letitia Lum office@kakariki.org.nz for any queries.