Far-reaching report on parking

by Mike Isle

The Selwyn District Council is reviewing parking options throughout the district and is inviting the public to have their say. The council has endorsed a draft Selwyn district parking strategy for public consultation next month.

Potential ramifications of the strategy include more rigid enforcement, including parking wardens; restricted parking in some areas of Rolleston and Lincoln; and development contributions to help fund off-street parking in town centres.

The council says the intent of the strategy is to provide an overarching strategic direction for the management of parking across Selwyn District, and particularly in town centres, where the highest demand occurs.

The far-reaching strategy includes the impact parking has on public transport, walking and cycling, as well as urban design and amenity outcomes across the district.

“Council will be looking at district-wide parking, rural, metropolitan and residential parking.

In his foreword the strategy document, Mayor Sam Broughton said that it was important that the council and public think carefully about how to guide and manage future car parking. “Our growth means that parking in many towns isn’t as easy as it used to be — this is part of our new Selwyn.”

Mayor Broughton said that during the last 10 years the district’s population had grown by around 55% from 38,000 to 60,000.

“Alongside this our economic activity and use of motor vehicles has also increased — vehicles travel 385 kilometres on Selwyn roads every year,” he said.

The council’s draft strategy document includes and discusses a wide range of options available to the council. Among them: enforcement, rezoning, and parking use by heavy transport on State Highway One and in the town centres. It says in regard to the latter that concerns had been expressed about heavy vehicles stopped at fast food outlets parking over footpaths, on no parking lines and causing congestion.

Also addressed in the report are school parking issues and all-day parking by workers.

Mayor Broughton said he encouraged people to read the draft and give the council their feedback and comments.

“[The public’s] views are important in helping us ensure we have an effective, workable plan for managing parking as Selwyn continues to grow and develop.”

The Selwyn District Council draft parking strategy and how to make submissions on it are on the council’s website selwyn.govt.nz.

A subcommittee comprising councillors Mark Alexander, Nicole Reid and Jeff Bland has been appointed to hear submissions.