Summer security

by Mike Isle

Canterbury police are encouraging people to be mindful of security as summer approaches.

“Police continue to work hard to prevent, respond and investigate burglaries, but we can’t do it alone,” said Christchurch Metro Area prevention manager, Inspector Leairne Dow.

“The weather is getting warmer and more people are out and about, so now is a good time to think about security.”

Inspector Dow said that with a few simple actions people could make their homes and things safe, especially when out or on holiday. She suggests:

  • Locking cars and garages
  • Keeping doors locked, even when at home, and closing windows at night.
  • Keeping a spare key in a safe place.
  • Parking vehicles on the property or in a well-lit area.
  • Installing burglar alarms and/or sensor lights.

“Always be aware of what’s happening around you, and please ensure you report any suspicious activity to police,” Inspector Dow said.

“It’s important to look after the wider community, too. If you see someone breaking into your neighbour’s house or car, call 111 immediately. The sooner police are made aware of these incidents, the sooner we can respond. “We take burglary incidents seriously and any cases reported to police will be thoroughly investigated.”

Inspector Dow said more safety and security advice is available on the police website: