Lincoln University Wellbeing coordinator Dr Jackie Blunt and student Wellbeing mentors, Abby O’Brien, Zee Hammond-Walker and Maui Duley at a campus barbecue to mark Mental Health Awareness Week

Lincoln puts student wellbeing to the fore

by Mike Isle

Lincoln University is putting student wellbeing front and centre with a comprehensive plan aimed at strengthening existing support programmes and introducing new initiatives.

The university has enlisted wellbeing coach, Dr Jackie Blunt, to lead team work on supporting mental health, strengthening mental fitness and improving overall wellbeing on the Lincoln campus.

Dr Blunt said university is a time when there are a lot of new pressures on students.

“When we pay attention to how we are feeling, we can adjust as we go along, so the normal ups and downs of life aren’t so chaotic and hard on our body and minds. An initiative called WELLU involves training student volunteers to be wellbeing leaders and mentors.” Seven have completed training and are working in the campus community.”

Dr Blunt says there is a variety of other projects underway including chaplaincy initiatives, and involving international and domestic students, Maori and Pasifika

“The senior management group has made the decision this year for Lincoln to become a health promoting university. Both staff and student wellbeing are recognised as essential for a healthy educational community, so workshops for both are now up and running.”