Sir John Hall, Hororata resident, a premiere of New Zealand and chief supporter in parliament of women’s voting rights 125 years ago

Heritage in Hororata

by Andy Bryenton

Hororata has a special place in the history of New Zealand, and one to be celebrated as we commemorate 125 years of women being involved in our democracy. It was Sir John Hall, the premiere of the nation in the 1880s, who drafted the bill which was to give women the vote, making us world leaders — a proud local resident who helped advance this worthy cause.

This year, the Hororata Parish Spring Fair will celebrate the 125th anniversary of women’s suffrage in New Zealand. This annual traditional country fair is a ‘must do’ for many people in the Selwyn district. “The fair is a fun day out with the emphasis on family entertainment,” said organising committee chair, Lucy Cookson. “This year we are excited to be part of Beca Heritage Week and the Suffrage 125 celebrations. We have a number of activities and displays planned to celebrate Suffrage 125 at this year’s fair. Our creative kids’ competition theme is Back in Time where primary age children can enter an old-fashioned toy they have made or bake and display an old-time recipe.”

However, that’s not all. As this is a proper spring fair, you can also expect a wealth of attractions ranging from the culinary — homemade preserves and jams, delicious sweet treats and more — through to the crafty and artistic. There will be a big country-style auction, plenty of entertainment, and even a competition to craft some modern art from that old Kiwi favourite, number eight wire.

This year also sees the introduction of an archery range to challenge up and coming ‘Robin Hoods’, alongside games and competitions for the kids.

The Hororata Parish Spring Fair is on Labour Day, October 22 at the Hororata Domain, entry is free. Held wet or fine, visit for more information.