Madame Bride was designed by Leanne Day and modelled by Laura Murton of NZ Models & Talent. Leanne won the Supreme Award in 2017

A visual banquet of creativity

by Andy Bryenton

The world of wearable arts is more than just a fusion of fashion and avant-garde creativity. Drawing from the zeitgeist of costume design, postmodern painting, a dizzying array of retro fashion trends and the full spectrum of human expression, it’s hard to know what to expect from this break-out new art form, which is taking the country by storm.

From Wellington to Waipu and Dargaville in the north and now to Selwyn in the south, crowds have been thrilled by the scope of vision on display. Fostering inspiration in this medium locally is Art Couture New Zealand, who are gearing up this week for their biggest, brightest show to date.

2018’s entrants will have a lot of live up to when compared against the vivid colours and mesmerising use of materials on the runway in 2017 — but organisers and designers, models and stage crew have been working hard to present a truly world-class show this Saturday, October 13 at the Lincoln Events Centre. Some of the challenging categories this year include incorporating hardware, recycled materials, and a ‘mystery bag’ of eclectic items into a wearable work of art.

All of those involved in creating this very special event would like to invite the public to come along and witness artwork, which complements, celebrates, enhances and redefines the human form. With tickets from just $35, it’s a combination of a top fashion show, a gala gallery opening and something a little more than both. Visit for more information.