Amy Adams Selwyn MP

MP critical of traffic decision

by Laurie Willetts

Traffic lights at the intersection on State Highway 73 at West Melton will not go ahead, according to information received by Selwyn MP Amy Adams.

“I was shocked to learn from the New Zealand Transport Agency that the proposed improvements have not been included in the National Land Transport Programme
2018–21,” Ms Adams said.

“In response to my request for an update on when the proposed improvements would be carried out, I received a letter from the NZTA stating that they did not meet the required threshold for funding.

This is in spite of the fact that I was advised in June by NZTA that the agency had identified the need for traffic lights and signals at the intersection of SH73 and Weedons Ross Road and that these improvements had been recommended for inclusion in both the 2018/21 Regional and Land Transport programmes.”

“I am incredulous at this decision by NZTA not to prioritise funding for this project. Growing traffic volumes at this intersection are already causing safety concerns for the West Melton community, and the effects are likely to be compounded once the second phase of the Christchurch Southern Motorway is complete,” Ms Adams said.

“I am concerned that this decision may be a consequence of the current government’s decision to cut $5 billion of funding from regional highways in favour of funding trams in Auckland. We are paying more than ever in petrol taxes, but necessary road safety work is not being carried out. It is not acceptable.”