Countdown to December is on

by Andy Bryenton

It may seem like a long way from the dawn of daylight savings time to the holidays — and for many of us, it represents the busiest time of the year. It’s worth noting that, as you read this publication, a mere 10 weeks separate you from Santa’s sleigh bells. A whole geological age if you’re school kid, but very little time indeed if you’re planning a big project around the house or garden before the relatives arrive or it’s time to take advantage of the sunny weather.

Every year, our local tradespeople are inundated with last-second requests from those who have not planned ahead. Sometimes they can be accommodating, but in a busy season, it’s hard to squeeze in one last bathroom conversion, one last kitchen upgrade or a final house lot of carpet before those sleigh bells start ringing. For the sake of your own sanity and theirs, please take daylight savings as a final warning and get talking to your plumbers, roofers, electricians, builders, gas fitters, flooring professionals and other experts.

Right now, a well-ordered list of jobs is just as important as having plenty to do, and if you call early, you’ll be able to fit into the schedule and have your work happily completed by summertime. It is doubly true if what you have planned is contingent on clear, sunny weather — like a reroofing project. A long, wet spring has pushed schedules hard, so book in as early as possible, even for the new year in 2019 if that’s your intended start date.

A warning from all our qualified tradespeople — at this time of year, with many professionals stretched thin — unlicensed and untrained amateurs are often active, angling for some illicit work.

Remember that for your own safety, your insurance, and your home’s resale value, it’s illegal to hire tradespeople without the appropriate qualifications to undertake jobs such as plumbing, wiring and structural building.

Whether your plans are big or small — a redecoration, refurbishment or a major renovation — the clock is ticking to finish them for 2018.

Our hard-working tradespeople are ready to help, but their numbers are limited, and many jobs take time, including in some cases, time for the council to approve your plans. Talk to them now and avoid disappointment.