Cultural diversity takes centre stage

A great success

by Mike Isle

CultureFest 2018 is being hailed by the Selwyn District Council as a success after 3,500 people spent Sunday at the Lincoln Domain celebrating diversity, tasting new culinary delights and enjoying the entertainment on offer.

Ginny Bowden, the council’s manager for sport recreation and wellbeing, said diversity was to the fore throughout the day.

“We are really proud of the growing diversity around Selwyn, and this is the perfect way to learn about the new cultures around Selwyn and moving into our communities. CultureFest 2018 is also linked to our Welcoming Plan, which was launched earlier this year, aimed at helping new arrivals into Selwyn integrate into the district,” she said.

The event allowed for newcomers to see locals, new arrivals and visitors alike to come together and enjoy food and performances from around the world. That included 20 different stage performances by groups from China, Latin America, Russia, Poland, Iran and many more on the main stage.

As Ginny Bowden reports, performances weren’t the only attraction.

“The set-up for the day allowed festival goers to enjoy a wide range of food while relaxing with friends and family and picking the performances they were keen to see.

“We have also had fantastic feedback from the Christchurch Multicultural Council, who were a key partner in setting up CultureFest.”