Andrew Currie tuning up for the New Zealand Duck and Goose Calling Championships

Giving it a quack

by Kent Caddick

A call has gone out for Selwyn’s best duck callers to get their entries in for this year’s New Zealand Duck and Goose Calling Championships.

The country’s aspiring duck and goose callers are preparing to out-cackle and ruffle each other’s feathers in the New Zealand Duck and Goose Calling Championships later this month.

For the third year running, the event is being held as part of the Sika outdoor trade show in Taupo September 29–30th.

Duck calling competition organiser, Adam Rayner, says he’s delighted by the way the calling champs have grabbed the attention of both hunters and onlookers alike at the show.

“Last year was the biggest response so far with hundreds intently watching and listening to competitors,” he said.

“For contestants, who are very serious about their duck and goose calling, this is the high point of their year with a win carrying lots of prestige.”

The contestants will compete in five categories: open live duck; open team duck; open live goose and open team goose.

Past winners have gone on to compete in the world champs held as part of the Waterfowl Festival in the USA.