Labour weekend pursuits

by Jill Dickie

The origins of Labour Day date back to the late 1800s, when workers fought for the right to an eight-hour working day, and the end result was a statutory public holiday. We celebrate this each year on the fourth Monday in October, making it a popular long weekend holiday before Christchurch Show weekend.

What we do with this day varies depending on our interests.

For some, it is an extra day to kick back with feet up, reading a book or perhaps taking the dog for a walk in the spring sunshine, a stroll along the beach or catch up with friends for lunch.

Gardening enthusiasts are most likely to spend the weekend completing some tidying, ensuring the vegetable garden is planted out with fresh new seedlings or getting mulch on areas likely to dry out during the hot summer months.

Sports fanatics will be outside too — cyclists fitting in a long ride, hikers heading for the mountain trails, tennis players hitting some balls back and forth, and keen sailors taking boats out on the harbour.

Time spent with family is often a difficult thing to fit into our busy lives, so having an extra day may be an opportunity to arrange a picnic lunch out, to let the kids run and play while we catch up on the family news over a glass of vino.

Of course, if the weather isn’t going to play ball, we may need to prepare for indoor pursuits. Perhaps a movie marathon at home, or at a theatre, with snacks and drinks, or a trip to the museum or art gallery for the latest exhibitions.

Crafters would be happy with a wet weekend, being able to squirrel away in their craft rooms, releasing any creative tension that may be building.

However we plan to spend our long weekend, it’s a good idea to have a backup plan to cover all weathers and ensure we have a relaxing break before show week arrives.