Building character and leadership

by Anonymous Author

Holiday camps have been on offer since the early beginnings of Living Springs. There is a place for everyone at Living Springs with camps for a wide range of ages.

Kids Camp (8–12 years)

Kids connecting with nature, finding adventure and making friends. Living Springs Kids Camp is an experience kids will never forget. The Leaders are committed to providing the best care for the campers for the week. Built on Christian foundations, the camp has become a tradition that has a positive influence on young lives encouraging kids to take on life’s challenges.

Next camp October 1–5 2018, $295 for four nights/five days. Register online at email:

Trailblazers (13–15 years)

Exploring the greater Lyttelton Harbour area, Trailblazers is all about challenge, engaging with nature, developing leadership skills and building character.

The perfect age for young people to unplug from a screen and experience nature while in a safe environment and under excellent leadership. Learning about yourself, other people and God is powerful especially in a place that is naturally beautiful.

Next camp October 1–5 2018, $295 for four nights/five days. Register online email:

Springboard Leadership Training Camp (15+ years)

We grow our leaders well at Living Springs. By the time they are 15 they have invested a lot of themselves into Living Springs and have become part of the community that brings energy and adds vibrancy to the camp. A high standard of training ensures they become top-notch leaders.

Next camp December 10–12 2018. Enquiries to ¢