Rolleston school achieves bronze status

by Anonymous Author

Rolleston Christian School has been awarded bronze status by Enviroschools — which aims to promote environmental sustainability among the country’s schools.

Selwyn Mayor Sam Broughton and Canterbury EnviroSchools facilitator Andrea Taylor, recently visited the school to present the pupils with their bronze award.

Teacher, Mandy Cleave, said since the day Rolleston Christian School opened in 2015, they have been an EnviroSchool.

“We have perhaps been a little quiet about it to our wider community, however within our school — our environmental focus has played a huge part in developing our students’ learning and character. As an EnviroSchool, we are charged with fostering a generation of children who think and act sustainably.

“Underpinning this are their principles of empowering students, understanding and honouring the Maori perspective, learning for sustainability, embracing diverse cultures and the uniqueness of individuals, and becoming part of a sustainable community.

“Achieving recognition that we are now at the bronze stage of our EnviroSchools journey shows we have our foundation in place.

“As we now move on towards silver and then greengold, you will see the students at RCS taking more responsibility to maintain our sustainable practices, making decisions about action to take, and developing wider links with our whanau and community.”

She said in an environmental context; it may look like an article in a newspaper to heighten awareness about an issue, or participating in riparian planting to be part of keeping Selwyn rivers clean, being part of a rubbish clean up on a river, or raising money to give to a trust or mission organisation.

“All these actions are born from rich learning, creative thinking and an outward focus.

“They are the children’s own ideas to help solve a problem they have identified and engaged with.

“They then organise, plan and participate in the action. This is empowerment, children having a choice and taking the lead with action, and is one of the EnviroSchools guiding principles.”