Record demand for Bellyful services

by Kent Caddick

Bellyful Selwyn has just celebrated its third birthday and is reporting the demand on its services has reached record numbers.

Bellyful cooks and delivers meals to families with newborn babies and families with young children who are struggling with illness, or where there is little or no family or social support.

Bellyful Selwyn is one of 20 branches of Bellyful around the country, and Bellyful volunteers fundraise locally to cover the cost of the meal ingredients and packaging.

Bellyful Selwyn branch coordinator, Jeraldine Teng, said it seems like it was only a flash ago when they updated the Selwyn community on their second birthday celebrations.

“Another eventful year has passed, and it has been a whirlwind with record referrals,” she said.

“All our volunteers have been kept very busy cooking, delivering meals and fundraising. We will like to acknowledge all the hard work our volunteers have put in during this past year.”

In 2017, 520 Bellyful volunteers cooked and delivered 19,407 meals to 3,442 families in communities across New Zealand.

“Having a few meals delivered by a friendly face can be a real sanity saver,” Ms Teng said.

Bellyful Selwyn not only services Selwyn but also parts of Christchurch including Hornby, Hei Hei, Wigram, Halswell and Tai Tapu.

“The 27 volunteers within the Selwyn branch are locals, wanting to help their own community.”

Ms Teng said if people want to help out or make donations they can contact them through their website