Darfield hosts Have a Go Day

by Kent Caddick

More than 800 people turned up to Darfield Domain to give it a go over the weekend.

The Selwyn District Council’s annual Have a Go Day was held in near perfect conditions on Sunday afternoon.

Those attending were given the opportunity to try a variety of activities, from the more traditional sports like netball, golf, archery and hockey through to skateboarding, caber toss and baseball.

The aim of Have a Go Day was to showcase the sport and recreation activities Darfield, and the wider Selwyn district has to offer.

Council’s senior events and recreation adviser, Dave Tippett, said it was a fantastic day and is sure some of the young people will have gone from having a go, to being a permanent participant.

“A sample of 150 Have a Go Day passports returned indicated that approximately 15% of people were willing to volunteer at a local club.

“This is fantastic news for local sport and recreation — because it shows there are plenty of people still willing to volunteer some time.

“An example of this was displayed with the Malvern Netball Centre’s activities where a number of people had a go at umpiring, some of whom, now want to take their first-time experience further.”

Mr Tippett said for the first time in a very long time more girls wanted to learn how to skateboard than boys.

“This is fantastic because nationally half as many young females skateboard than young males according to the Active NZ survey. This is good news for skateboarding with it becoming an Olympic sport in Tokyo 2020.” 

Archery once again proved a popular event for many attending the Have a
Go Days

Hororata Community Trust executive officer, Cindy Driscoll encourages a young
competitor to give it his all in the Hororata Games strength test

The traditional egg and spoon race got an upgrade for this year’s
Have a Go Day

Plenty of support was there for those wanting to try something new

Golf was one of the more traditional sports on offer

Local scout groups ensured an armchair ride for some