Bringing the sky indoors

by Anonymous Author

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In simple terms, these elements will allow the natural light from the sun to flow in unobstructed into your home. Consequently, your house will be brighter and the rooms will appear more open and spacious.

Also, you should remember that skylights can help you reduce your electric bills by reducing the need for artificial lighting.

If you are planning on buying and installing skylight windows for the first time, here are some factors to take into consideration.

Glazing material

You should choose the right glazing material for your skylight windows. Your choice will determine the cost of the project and the long-term performance.

The standard material option for the skylights is glass. The clarity of glass will allow light to flow smoothly and freely, creating a beautiful effect. It has an elegant appearance, and the surfaces are invulnerable to scratches and other forms of damage.

You can also choose plastic skylights instead of the classic glass. Plastic is lighter than glass, and it is not vulnerable to breaking under stress.

Plastic skylights are made from acrylic glass or polycarbonate; therefore, you can expect exceptional durability and performance.


When installing a skylight window, you should make sure that the structure will not cause insulation problems.

In simple terms, skylight windows can form a point of vulnerability in the house. The gap created might allow free heat exchange between your home and the outdoors. If heat can flow across the skylight, you will experience an increase in your heating and cooling expenses. Therefore, you should make sure that the feature is properly insulated.

Whether you choose glass or plastic windows, you should ensure that the sheets are double or triple glazed. You should also have the skylights installed correctly to prevent the escape of heat through gaps.