Kids flock to pet lamb workshop

by Kim Lewis

The Courtney A&P Association has held its first ever Pet Lamb Workshop for preschool and primary school age children.

The event, delivered by local sheep farmer Joe Catherwood, and Courtenay A&P Show president Jane Jenkins, allowed parents to find out what’s involved in raising a pet lamb.

The supper room at Kirwee Hall was filled with the sound of bleating lambs and excited children for the afternoon.

Mr Catherwood brought along two ewes and their day-old lambs to the event while the children and their families were taught how to raise and train lambs to compete in the pet section of the local A&P show. 

He also brought along whey milk powder, bottles, leads and Woolovers — jackets made of wool for weak or orphan lambs. “The trick to teaching a lamb to lead is food. It’s all about food,” Mr Catherwood told the children.

“On show day, put some of your lamb’s favourite treats in your pocket just in case you need to bribe it.”

Jane Jenkins reminded the children to take responsibility for their lambs and encouraged the youngsters into showing their lambs.

“The pet lamb classes are split by age group with a dress up section. The judges will be looking for well-behaved lambs that are walking with you and aren’t being pulled along.”

More information on the workshops and competing at the show can be found on the Courtenay A&P Association’s website.