Getting the most from a showhome

by Anonymous Author

Visiting a showhome is often very exciting and marks the beginning of making your dream home a reality. Here are a few tips on getting the most from your visit.

Be prepared. Since you are reading this, you’re already halfway there. Make sure you have a clear idea in your mind about what you are looking for and what features you need. 

Think about things such as the number of bedrooms and the size of the building. Perhaps you want a garden or a certain number of car parks. It helps to make a list of these things so you can bring it with you to the viewing.

Often there will be a sales adviser on hand who will know everything thing there is to know about their homes. 

You can book appointments with an adviser and get them to show you around and take a wander through yourself afterwards. 

They are fountains of knowledge and available to answer any questions when they come up.

Try to imagine how you will best use the rooms for your family’s needs. Everyone will have a different priority or a favourite part of the house — so it’s important to talk about these needs. Whilst showhomes are good for helping you decide what you want your interior to look like, take a moment to examine the actual structure of the house and the materials used. 

It pays to think about how energy efficient a home will be to heat as well and what features you might want to install.

When planning what to build, careful decision-making at the beginning of the process is key.

Take your time and consider your options. After all, it’s better to slow down here rather than change your mind once money is spent and work has started.