Whitelock locks in extra time with Farmstrong

by Anonymous Author

Crusaders captain Sam Whitelock has locked in another two years as Farmstrong’s ambassador and with it has launched a new campaign called Turn on Your Core.

Whitelock joined Farmstrong as its ambassador in 2016 and will continue in the role, signing on for another two years, extending his involvement with the rural well-being programme to 2020.

“Rural wellness is a big deal right now,” Whitelock said.

“It’s growing in importance as demands and challenges increase on the rural community, and if I can have a positive influence on helping people to see themselves as the most important asset on the farm, then I want to be part of that.”

Since joining the Farmstrong team, Whitelock has fronted a Lock it In campaign, playing on his position as a lock to encourage people to ‘lock in’ positive habits that work for them.

Farmstrong’s Colin Wright said they were stoked to have Sam on board.

“He’s from a farm and plans to return to farming following his rugby career, so he’s personally invested in what Farmstrong is trying to achieve in promoting wellness.”

Mr Wright said the new campaign Turn on Your Core, has Sam fronting a number of videos with simple day-to-day activities, which farmers and growers can do to strengthen their core muscles.

“In my experience, keeping in shape helps you give your best to the farm, so the farm can give its best back to you. These videos help to prepare you for your day,” Whitelock said.

“With rugby, I’d never start a game without stretching and warming up first, and it’s the same with other physical activities like farming. You need to be physically prepared as well as mentally.

“The videos help to create a habit around focussing on your core and stretching. You don’t need any gym gear, and they can be done at home or on the farm,” he said.

Turn on Your Core is a four-week challenge, which encourages farmers to focus on their core for just 10 minutes a day. For tips and Sam’s video head to farmstrong.co.nz.

Into its third year, Farmstrong is a well-being programme that helps farmers to see themselves as the most important asset on the farm.

It focusses on wellness, not illness, and with resources and advice on its website, provides farmers and growers with information they can use on a day-to-day basis that will help them, in the long run, to live well and farm well.