Thank you

by Anonymous Author

New Zealand Returned and Services’ Association is thanking Selwyn residents for their generosity and support during the 2018 Poppy Appeal.

The appeal, themed ‘not all wounds bleed’, raised $1.7 million in donations across New Zealand.
RSA national president, B J Clark, said the RSA’s ability to support those impacted by service relied on public donations.

“Poppy Appeal funds are used to provide essential services for the health and resilience of New Zealand’s current and former service personnel, and their families,” Mr Clark said.

“We are grateful for the fantastic public support through donating on and around Poppy Day, and for all our volunteers who contribute their time and effort.

“That support enables us to care for those who have served our country at home and overseas.”

He said the funds raised through the Poppy Appeal would assist in many ways, including recovery from psychological trauma and helping the families of current and former military personnel deal with health or hardship issues.

“In 2017, there were 19,992 welfare interactions completed by over 150 volunteer RSA support advisors. Many of these were face to face interactions with Veterans in need of help.”