More funding for roading

by Sam Broughton

Our roads in Selwyn are one of our most important pieces of infrastructure, and our council spends a lot of time planning, resourcing and securing funding for the maintenance and improvements on our roads.

We have over 2,500km of roads, of which just over 1,000km are gravel, this does not include our four state highways, which are not controlled or funded by council, and it is often our gravel roads that I receive the most feedback about.

Last year, only 53% of people in Selwyn thought that our gravel roads were of an OK standard or above. Through our recently completed 10-year plan, Fast Forward ‘28, council increased its funding for roads to $13 million a year. Most of our roading works are subsidised by the NZTA by 51%, and staff have been working with NZTA to increase the scope of works in Selwyn.

We have just been told the successful news that NZTA will increase its support to $40 million, which is a 25% increase from the last three years.

This increase is for projects connected to the new Southern Motorway and linkages, increased maintenance, including for gravel roads and footpath maintenance and cycleways.

Earlier this year, our Audit and Risk Committee held a site visit to inspect our gravel roads and to see grading in action. An increase in our maintenance metalling program was identified as a key action that would benefit these roads. NZTA has commented on our current situation and concluded our roads are “generally in good condition” — ”but additional maintenance activity is required”.

We agree, and have funded an increase in maintenance.

I hate seeing potholes in our roads and I know it annoys many other people too. Not to mention the costs for wheel alignments and the danger they can pose particularly if you are on a motorbike.

Our increase in population, increase in vehicles on our roads, increase in heavy traffic and with new and expanding businesses across our district we are putting greater pressure on our roads.

We can’t expect the network to be in perfect condition all of the time but we are committed to this increased funding to improve the situation.

If you see roads that are below standard, use the app Snap Send Solve, which allows you to take a picture of the problem and email it to council staff for action.