In for the long haul

by Andy Bryenton

It’s hard to imagine a time before the white van tradesman’s office, mobile workshop, rolling tool chest and classroom for generations of apprentices, not to mention the weapon of choice for couriers facing the urban maze. 

There’s a classic recipe for a proper hard-working van, and it’s safe to say that relative newcomers to the scene LDV have hit the right combination of power and practicality to impress their target audience. When looking for a van to turn into a working partner, three things stand out — reliability, ease of use and comfort. The LDV G10 Cargo Van neatly ticks those boxes and then adds a bit more to more than justify its very tidy price. Those looking to balance the budget and still recruit a willing workhorse that will last the distance are already paying attention to this new contender.

Addressing both performance and stamina, the G10 comes with a choice of two power options, either a two litre turbocharged petrol engine delivering 165kw mated to a six-speed auto box or a two-litre naturally aspirated unit with fuel injection. Both deliver fuel economy figures in the mid-11 litres per 100km range, and both have been designed to be easy to service and hard to punish. When it comes to ease of use, LDV have listened to tradies and couriers, who want massive cargo space, wide-opening doors both to the rear and to the sides, and lots of options for carrying different sized and shaped loads. 

That means an unimpeded 2.4 x 1.278 x 1.270 metre cargo bay, along with modern luxuries such as reversing cameras to help line up with loading docks and tricky spaces.

It’s in terms of comfort that the G10 moves streets ahead of the classic old van layout. Gone is the rattly old ‘church pew’ seating of ancient vans, replaced with a car-like layout and a full multimedia system. That sense of refinement comes through to the ride as well, which is a far cry from the lurching, vague vans of the 1980s. 

All in all, this is a machine ready to become whatever it needs to — a courier’s runabout, a mobile workshop, a builder’s on-site office — it’s up to you. Moreover, at under $30k, there will be change for that signwriting!