High tea ‘dineamite’

by Jill Dickie

Local business people were recently treated to a high tea presented and prepared by catering students at Rolleston College.

The year 10 cafe apprentice class students have been studying hospitality and cooking, using the state-of-the-art kitchen at the college, and held the event as an opportunity to practise their newly-learned catering, presentation and barista skills.

Last term the students hosted residents of the Summerset Retirement Village, and this time invited business members of the community, who normally do not find themselves in a school environment. 

The 20 guests experienced what happens at the college, and enjoyed hearing from two students who presented their Quest projects. Student Katey Knight spoke about her quest of organising the Rolleston College Fete, which became a successful community event, and student Dexton Green spoke on his quest of learning the science behind how planes fly.

The visitors completed their visit with a feast of sausage rolls, cupcakes, black forest fudge and freshly made club sandwiches.

“It was a positive experience, one we hope to repeat in the future. We would like to continue to build a strong relationship with community members, leading on to mentoring and work experience programmes in the future,” said teacher, Jan Kershaw.

“Any business people out there who feel they are in a career where there is a mentoring opportunity please contact the school for the next Rolleston College networking high tea.”

Contact Rolleston College on 03 595 2490 or email admin@rollestoncollege.nz.