Kea crossing safety skills reminder

by Anonymous Author

The Selwyn District Council is reminding drivers to stop for pedestrians at kea crossings and reminding pedestrians they only have the right of way when the crossings are manned.

Kea crossings provide children with a safe place to cross the road to get to school and are installed around schools so school patrols can control traffic and safely guide children across the street.

The kea crossing gives the road patrollers the ability to stop traffic at the crossing using stop lollipop signs.

Selwyn’s school road safety coordinator, Stephanie Hautler, said although a kea crossing point may look like a pedestrian crossing, with the kerb build-outs or a pedestrian refuge in the middle, it is a normal section of road where drivers have the right of way, except when the school road patrol is operating.

“It’s important pedestrians stop, look and listen before crossing the road at a location with pedestrian facilities, and just like any other section of road, vehicles have the right of way.

“I often see drivers stopping to let children cross at cross points. Although drivers may think it’s courteous stopping in the lane, it’s incredibly dangerous and setting our children up for failure,” she said.

“Children may develop an expectation that all vehicles will stop for them. It’s unsafe for a driver to stop in a live lane of traffic and they run the risk of being rear-ended or worse, being shunted into the pedestrian they were trying to help.”

Ms Hautler said if a vehicle stops at a kea crossing point when the signs aren’t operating pedestrians should wave them on and wait for a gap in the traffic to cross safely.

She is also reminding parents and children to wear safety vests to improve visibility on their way to school.

Road safety educational resources for parents and children are available from Selwyn District Council. Email or phone 03 347 2705.