The renovating rollercoaster

by Anonymous Author

Renovations can bring up many unknown hurdles particularly if the project is large or complicated. However with a little foresight and planning these complications can be minimised even before construction begins.

With any renovation or alteration, your existing building construction may not be fully understood or realised, until part way through the building process and there may be some cases where you may need to undo work that has already been done.

If you plan to do work yourself, then planning ahead for unexpected changes can reduce frustrations along the way. If you are using professionals, choose a company with good credentials and who are familiar with renovating.

It pays to speak to your local council before starting any project as often consents or permits are required and sometimes regulations have changed since the last time work was done.

Some of the common complications which trip up the first time renovator are not being able to find the original plans or having plans that do not reflect what was actually built.

Sometimes it is difficult to understand parts of the existing structure until commencing the build, which can be an issue. You might even find you want or need to keep existing features, which can mean it’s back to the drawing board.

At times you may find you need to meet additional requirements for the whole building, even if you are only altering part of a building. It’s important to note that renovations may impact the original means of escape from a fire, access or facilities which you will need to plan around.

A council will not grant a building consent for an alteration to an existing building unless they are satisfied that the means of escape from fire and access and facilities for people with disabilities have been considered. Where appropriate, they will also want to know of any proposed upgrades.

Keeping these things in mind and expecting the unexpected can minimise the frustrations often discovered during the renovation process and ensure that your project is completed safely and adhering to all the necessary regulations.