Selectors name initial squad

by Kent Caddick

The Ellesmere rugby selectors have named their first representative squad of the season.

The players named in the initial 34 member squad are not the only ones being considered for selection, and there is still time for those not named to force their way into the team or recovery from injury. Top of the target list for this year’s coaches, Alex Roberston, Terry Dalton and Mervyn Todd, will be the retention of the Southbridge Shield, the symbol of Canterbury Country rugby supremacy.

Last season Ellesmere beat country rugby rivals North Canterbury 35–20 to wrest back the shield it had lost the previous season.

This season’s Southbridge Shield matches for all rep grades will be held at Prebbleton on Saturday, July 14.

Full squad

Forwards: Patrick Clegg (Darfield); Graham Greenslade (Lincoln); William Holden (BDI); Hamish Pauling (Darfield); Jim Cummings (Waihora); Gareth Seymour (BDI); Steven Lees-Godwin (Prebbleton); Sam Cottam (Lincoln); Mark Stanbury (Lincoln); Joe Robbins (Waihora); Tom Brand (Prebbleton); Isi Fine (Southbridge); Sam Hesselwood (West Melton); Michael Brankin (Darfield); Eddie Sunia (Prebbleton); Tim Wright (Darfield); Daryl Lamborn (Southbridge); Jali Masi (Southbridge).

Backs: Harry Kirk (Waihora); Harry Pankhurst (Darfield); Guy Murgatroyd (Prebbleton); Cameron Powell (Springston); Tim Murgatroyd (Prebbleton); Todd Henderson (Prebbleton); Michael Sheenan (Springston); Matt Saunders (Waihora); Matt Hickey (Southbridge); Cameron Sheat (Southbridge); Brent Dalley (Darfield); Alex Parker (Darfield); Dave Bennett (Darfield); Mark Maitland (Waihora); Ashton Berry (West Melton); Josh Davidson (Southbridge).