Liffey plant out a success

by Kent Caddick

More than 400 native trees have been planted in the Liffey Reserve in Lincoln thanks to the efforts of the Lincoln Envirotown Trust.

The recent Liffey plant out day attracted plenty of support from volunteers including students from the local university and high school.

Dr Sue Jarvis of the Lincoln Envirotown Trust (LET) was pleased with the turnout.

“There was a great response to the request for helpers at the Liffey planting including helpers from Lincoln University and Lincoln High School.

“We managed to plant 425 native trees in under two hours, helped by the fact that Gordon Boyle, a local farmer and member of Lincoln Envirotown, dug many of the holes for us with his post hole driver. 

“There were bellbirds and fantails — taking an interest in our efforts to improve their habitat.

“Thanks go to Ralph Scott for his great organisation as well as the Lincoln Community Committee for providing the funding, Andrew Spanton and Derek Hayes from the Selwyn District Council for their support, Mike Bowie for positioning the trees and to Sue Bowie for the pikelets,” Dr Jarvis said.