Safety first this shooting season

by Anonymous Author

Selwyn duck shooters are being reminded to play it safe this duck shooting season.

The reminder comes from the Firearms Safety Council Aotearoa New Zealand (FSCANZ) following the opening of the duck shooting season over the weekend. 

According to FSCANZ chair, Joe Green Zealand, duck shooters should always remember some simple but important safety messages.

“Be aware the shot from a shotgun can travel 250 metres and has a wide spread pattern particularly at longer ranges,” Mr Green said.

“Also, your firing zone will change when following a duck that is flying across in front of you, and always check all your potential firing zone.”

He also warned shooters to be aware that safety catches can fail. “It is acceptable to rely on the safety catch of a semi-automatic shotgun when expecting to see ducks at any time. However, you must take extra care to ensure the gun is always pointed in a safe direction.  

“If you use a semi-automatic shotgun, it is wise to have your safety catch checked by a gunsmith before the season begins. When using a break open or pump action shotgun, load only when ready to fire and leave the action open at all other times.”

Mr Green said shooters should also be aware of tiredness when shooting.

“The duck shooting season is a social event for many. Late nights and early mornings can compromise safety, and tired shooters are likely to be less alert and may be more likely to drop their guard.”